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Protest Prep

Students Against Sexual Assault will be leading a Georgia university wide sit-in on the Georgia Capital steps on March 24 to protest the HB51 bill proposed, which will irrevocably and detrimentally affect the role of the campus in regards to sexual assault.

This bill will take away the responsibility of the school to punish and deal with sexual assault cases in a timely manner (as constituted in Title IX) and put them in the hands of the local enforcement, which could take anywhere between 6 months to 10 years per case. This bill will protect the rights of potential assailants and could further damage the psychological, emotional, and potentially physical trauma of the victim.

We will be creating posters, and arranging snack bags for the sit-in. This event will also allow students who cannot attend the sit-in, the opportunity to contact representatives and ask for their support. We will have a list of phone numbers by district, and a script you can pull from. Every contribution counts, and there will be snacks.